Assessing the Usability of Online Food Ordering Websites Using a New Fuzzy Kano Method: Implications for Improvement

  •  Arshia Taimouri    
  •  Korosh Emamisaleh    
  •  Davoud Mohammadi    


Following the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce websites are widely used today for various goals. An essential point in the prosperity of these websites is their level of usability. Accordingly, measuring this usability is indispensable for these websites to check whether they are moving in the right path. Thus, in this article, the usability scores of five well-known online food-ordering websites in Iran have been evaluated using a novel fuzzy Kano method with respect to design parameters. In addition to assessing usability scores, the design parameters of these websites have been classified and reviewed in a detailed manner in order to determine the design priorities of these websites as one of the main results of this study. Data were gathered using a questionnaire with 190 respondents. Results demonstrated that Snappfood is the best online food-ordering website in Iran. In addition, sorting restaurants based on customer satisfaction score, using high-quality images of foods along with the image zooming feature, and the existence of complete information about foods and restaurants are the most effective and important design parameters of these types of websites according to the findings of this study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.