Developing and Validating an Organizational Forgiveness Measure: An Exploratory Factor Analysis Approach

  •  Parizad Khezri    


The purpose of this validation study was to develop and validate an organizational forgiveness measure. Convenient sampling was employed to recruit 148 participants from among the staff of Iran Rehabilitation Organization. A Likert scale questionnaire consisting of 21 statements on five subscales, namely, ‘emotional composure’, ‘empathy with the perpetrator’, ‘rebuilding the broken relationship’, ‘willingness to forgive’, ‘satisfaction from forgiving’, and ‘better understanding’ was developed by the researcher. The questionnaire was completed by the participants after they were instructed as to how to do it. Exploratory factor analysis was used to validate the questionnaire. The results showed that the questionnaire was a valid instrument to measure degree of organizational forgiveness.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.