Enterprise Risk Management Implementation and Firm Performance: Evidence from the Malaysian Oil and Gas Industry

  •  Muhammad Kashif Shad    
  •  Fong-Woon Lai    


This paper intends to vindicate the influence of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) implementation on firm performance. A sample of 11 oil and gas Public Listed Companies (PLC’s) were selected in this study. Data were collected using content analysis with regard to the companies’ ERM practices and their financial performances. ERM implementation was measured using COSO’s ERM integrated framework while the firm financial performance was assessed through return on assets (ROA) measurement. Multiple regression analysis was performed to test eight developed hypotheses. Results indicate that four components of the ERM framework, i.e. supportive internal environment, objective setting, control and monitoring activities, are found to be positive and significant predictors for the firm’s performance. The findings support the efficacy and potential strengths of ERM implementation in the oil and gas companies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.