Sustainable Development and Achieved Success Stories in Competitiveness: Evidences from Arab Countries

  •  Mansour Lotayif    


The current research focuses on competitiveness’s status of each Arabic country, as indicated at the GCI (Global Competitive Index) report. Its 12-main indicators and 98 sub-indicators have deployed for that mission. Via longitudinal study, the performance of each Arabic country, as indicated on GCI at 2016 and 2018, was carefully analyzed. The analysis revealed that four countries were improved and the rest were not. In addition, the analysis revealed 13 success stories. More specifically, the analysis revealed that Kingdom of Bahrain, KSA, UAE, and Lebanon have two, four, six, and one success stories respectively. For mutual benefits, these success stories ought to be shared with all Arabic countries. Kingdom of Bahrain success stories were in labor market, and innovation capacity indicators. KSA success stories were in macro-stability, skills, market size, and business dynamism indicators. UAE has six success stories in institutions, infrastructures, ICT adoption, macro-economic stability, product market, and financial system indicators. Lebanon has one success story in health indicator. Finally, conclusions and recommendation were suggested to help assist decision markets in this perspective.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.