Fashion and New Luxury Digital Disruption: The New Challenges of Fashion between Omnichannel and Traditional Retailing

  •  Simone Aiolfi    
  •  Edoardo Sabbadin    


The digital transformation has changed the rules of the game even in the world of fashion, luxury and fast-fashion retail. The fashion system today faces the challenge of renewing business models to intercept changes in purchasing and consumption behavior. Competition is played in the ability to create multi and omnichannel business models. The present work, after a careful analysis of the literature and the changes that have taken place in the fashion world, aims to study some innovative business models in the fashion system and in particular to investigate the perspectives of the physical store threatened by the digital transformation. The research offers points for reflection on the future of omnichannel fashion retailing. Will technology be able to create value for new consumers in the future? Moreover, from the retailers’ perspective, case analysis will clarify which technologies are characterizing fashion sales points with the best performances in Retail 4.0. Finally, a section will be dedicated to the presentation of a theoretical framework on the adoption of omnichannel fashion retailing figured out through a review of the literature and managerial implications.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.