Ethical Decision Making: A Role-Play Exercise

  •  Ankur Nandedkar    
  •  David J. DiRusso    


This paper highlights an original role-play exercise designed to teach students about the principles of ethical decision making. The exercise intends to create hypothetical ethical dilemmas that managers may encounter in their jobs, and challenges the students to apply the principles of ethical decision making to reach a solution in each case. This exercise is ideal for use by instructors of introductory courses such as principles of management, introduction to business or graduate level business administration concepts, or any class session with a primary focus on ethical decision making. We present a description of the exercise and suggestions on how to debrief it. The exercise also provides students with an opportunity to ponder their ethical values and complexities associated with the manager’s position in a company.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.