Review of the Current Status of the Offshoring Industry: Insights for Practice

  •  Liyanachchi Mahesha Harshani De Silva    


The aim of this literature review is to analyze the current situation of the offshoring industry and relate the offshoring practices into Sri Lankan context to identify the loopholes. Thereby this review identifies the challenges and opportunities for the expansion of offshoring industry in general and specific to Sri Lanka as a destination. Based on the review of 120 offshoring articles, this study extracts the insights for practice based on popular offshoring frameworks. Mainly three key major models were identified including Chile offshore services value chain, key provider evaluation criterion and A. T Kearney Global Services Location Index. These frameworks are presented with the aim of identifying a suitable study framework for future research in relation to the Sri Lankan context. This Literature review is organized into four sections such as offshoring: definitions & terms, current situation analysis, challenges of offshoring and research frameworks.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.