Online Social Network Viability: Misinformation Management Based on Service and Systems Theories

  •  Matteo Gaeta    
  •  Francesca Loia    
  •  Debora Sarno    
  •  Luca Carrubbo    


This paper provides a practical example of how service and systems theories can be successfully integrated to develop a comprehensive analysis and theorization of solutions for a specific issue, that is, misinformation management in online social network sites (OSNs). A literature review and elaboration of different theories (service science, service-dominant logic, viable systems approach) and approaches (collective intelligence and collective knowledge systems, group decision making) specifically related to ONS is developed and presented in the form of propositions and constructs. It results that the issue of misinformation in OSNs can be analyzed as a threat to service (eco) system viability, while technological solutions, engagement and the participation of communities by means of collective knowledge systems should be adopted as strategies to align with relevant supra-systems to survive. The originality of the paper relies on the following: (i) expanding service research analysis horizons to OSNs; (ii) providing a practical example of how Service Science, Service-Dominant Logic and Viable Systems Approach perspectives can be integrated to theorize and practically find ways to re-shape contexts, such as OSN misinformation management; and (iii) presenting a multidisciplinary conceptual model to the OSN literature, based on service systems and service ecosystems, linking theory to practice.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.