Challenges to Undertake and Innovate in Colombia: Is the New Problematic of the 21st Century?

  •  Saul Fernandez Hurtado    
  •  Luz Martinez Martinez    


Entrepreneurship in general brings with it certain challenges and risks, which generate a long learning path before reaching success; Colombia for example, there is a complex panorama, the entrepreneurs are limited, and the entrepreneurship projects are not executed with totality. Therefore, the article´ objective is to identify the main factors that impede the work of undertaking in Colombia; supported by sources of descriptive information from previous studies focused on the transition from academia to industry, which were elaborated by recent students and graduates students in Colombia. The above, allowed to synthesize that the main obstacles of entrepreneurship are framed in collective and cultural thinking, or academic training in the face of entrepreneurship where a bureaucracy, tramitology and innovation end with the visible need to restructure sociocultural and business models, generating an efficient and constant transition that leads to the economic development of the country increasing, in turn, the quality of life of society.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.