A Survey on Chinese Scholars’ Adoption of Mixed Methods

  •  Yuchun Zhou    


Since the 1980s when mixed methods emerged as “the third research methodology”, it was widely adopted in Western countries. However, inadequate literature revealed how this methodology was accepted by scholars in Asian countries, such as China. Therefore, this paper used a quantitative survey to investigate Chinese scholars’ perceptions and adoption of mixed methods in China.

The data of the study were obtained from 247 Chinese scholars in higher education. Structural equation modelling was used to examine the relationship between participants’ perceptions and use of mixed methods. The results revealed that Chinese scholars’ research expertise of using quantitative and qualitative methods as well as their perceived advantage of using mixed methods has significantly influenced their adoption of mixed methods. This paper advanced the literature of the evolution of mixed methods by investigating the expansion and adaptability of mixed methods in an Asian context.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.