Teacher Perception on Educational Informatics Network: A Qualitative Study of a Turkish Anatolian High School

  •  Halit Karala    
  •  Ugur Dogan    


FATIH Project carried out by the Turkish government is one of the comprehensive technology integration project in the World. With this project, interactive boards, tablets and multifunctional printers have been distributed to schools and Internet infrastructure of schools improved. EIN (Educational Informatics Network) platform, known as EBA (Egitim Bilisim Agi) in Turkey, has been established to access the digital content to be used in conjunction with this technology. In this qualitative study, the process of using EBA was examined by benefiting from teachers’ opinions and experiences; and it was aimed at revealing the problems experienced by teachers while using EBA and opinions regarding the alternatives for existing problems. Based on the content analysis of teachers’ answers, it was concluded that problematic conditions as insufficient systematic structure and content of EBA, inappropriate content for students’ needs and grade level, incompatibility with the changes in instructional programs, central exams pressure, and students’ concentration on teacher-oriented approach had negative impacts on teachers unwilling and/or insufficient EBA use. Therefore, a model was presented to include teachers’ recommendations which are composed of three strategies for the solution of the problems they experienced while using EBA.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.