Teacher Professionalism: Analysis of Professionalism Phases

  •  Cipto Wardoyo    
  •  Aulia Herdiani    
  •  Sulikah Sulikah    


Teacher professionalism has become a distinctive concern in educational discussions. Based on Teacher and Lecturer Act No.14 2005 carried out by Indonesian Government, teacher professionalism, considered as an assessment aspect of teacher quality, could be drawn by four competences, pedagogical competence, personal, competence, social competence, and professional competence. Hargreaves (2000) captured and fragmented the pattern of professionalism development through four phases. This study, a perception study, observed 100 teachers to draw the pattern of teacher professionalism, particularly in Tulungagung and Blitar District, East-Java, Indonesia based on Hargreaves professionalism phases. The results of this study identify that the likelihood phase of teacher professionalism in Indonesia is in collegial phase. Additionally, the criteria of professionalism enhancement reflect the professionalism development based on professionalism ages by Hargreaves (2000). Further, we observe the likelihood of professionalization become an influential factor of professionalism development. The results indicate that every phase captured the right pattern of professionalism development.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.