Beyond Broudy’s Triad—Infusing University Students with the Love of Poetry

  •  Mounir Zid    


In spite of the diverse schools of thought providing guidance for poetry teachers—such as the didactic, heuristic, or phyletic approaches—this myriad of teaching modes has failed to generate adequate student appreciation for poetry courses. The reason for this is teachers’ tendency to cling to the idea that one must choose a particular approach and find out the correct or fixed meaning. This study includes a recommendation for a major shift in teaching poetry that transforms each class session into a new learning rather than a teaching experience—one in which the instructor’s role is to inspire a passion and love for poetry in ESL learners. This teaching-learning style requires that teachers change from being omniscient sages to participants, co-explorers, and learners—a move from teaching methods to learning styles and a shift from encouraging the love of teachers to inspiring the love of poetry in university students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.