Developing Algebra Structure Module and Model of Cooperative Learning Helping Concept Map Media for Improving Proofing Ability

  •  Syafari Syafari    


This research was purposed to develop module and learning model and instrument of proofing ability in algebra structure through cooperative learning with helping map concept media for students’ of mathematic major and mathematics education in State University and Private University in North Sumatra province. The subject of this research was the students’ of mathematic and mathematics education in Medan State University and Qualitye University. Developmental Research that oriented on developing product at stage and first year was done identification of proofing and positive behavior on algebra structure based on curriculum and was developed module and model cooperative learning with helping concept media map. The result that got at the first stage was the formula of proofing ability and positive behavior on algebra structure with first module and model cooperative learning assisting concept media map that assumed effective, efficient in algebra structure. Module and model of this learning consist of the book of lecturing guiding (lecturing unity schedule, lecturing contract, and lesson plan), module, and book of students’ assignment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.