Basic Technology Competencies, Attitude towards Computer Assisted Education and Usage of Technologies in Turkish Lesson: A Correlation

  •  Serpil Ozdemir    


The present research was done to determine the basic technology competency of Turkish teachers, their attitude towards computer-assisted education, and their technology operation level in Turkish lessons, and to designate the relationship between them. 85 Turkish teachers studying in public schools in Bartin participated in the research. The research was designed with relational screening model. The results obtained in the research are as follows: The information technology competency of Turkish teachers was determined as high-level in technologies usually used vocationally, and as mid-level in others The Turkish teachers had high-level of attitude towards computer-assisted teaching. However, they tended to use technology in their lessons at mid-level. The dependent variables did not indicate remarkable differences based on gender, teaching experience, and education level. Results showed that there was a high-level relationship between the attitude towards computer-assisted education and using information technology in Turkish lessons. Also, there existed a mid-level relationship between the basic technology competency and attitude towards computer-assisted education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.