A Classroom Research Skills Development Emphasizing Data Analysis and Result of SSRU Students by RBL

  •  Chaiwat Waree    


The purpose of the study is the learning using research as a base. To strengthen the skills of classroom research Emphasizing Data Analysis and Result and to study the development of research skills in the class Emphasizing Data Analysis and Result of SSRU’ Students by learning using research base. The target group are students in the 2nd semester academic year 2557, 159 the sample used to select specific (Purposive Sampling) by researchers as an instructor in the course of the first year students at two and three majors in Thailand, English, Mathematics. The instruments used in the trial, including lesson plans. A pretest-posttest and evaluation of the 25 items and analysis of the data by the percentage of grades and research skills in the classroom and t-test and qualitative data are carried out. The study found that students who meet the grade from C + to 130 percent 81.76 with students who do not pass the threshold from 29 percent to 18.24 overview of the skills an overview of the rating process skills, research and the two sides are the highest average score was 12.50, the deviation was 0.72 posttest scores higher than the previous value t = 33.97 significant level statistically .05 students with the skills to do research on learning and research. The overall satisfaction level of an average value is 4.46 and a standard deviation of 0.68.

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