Creativity among Geomatical Engineering Students

  •  Lim Keh    
  •  Zaleha Ismail    
  •  Yudariah Yusof    


This research aims to find out the creativity among the geomatical engineering students. 96 geomatical engineering students participated in the research. They were divided into 24 groups of 4 students. Each group were asked to solve a real world problem collaboratively with their creative thinking. Their works were collected and then analysed as to compare their creativity based on their fluency, flexibility and originality. The results showed that the students were able to use their creativity and came out with many different methods to solve the problem. The results also showed that the components of creativity namely fluency, flexibility and originality can be used to assess the creativity among the groups of students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.