An Increasing of Primary School Teachers’ Competency in Brain-Based Learning

  •  Chaiwat Waree    


The purpose of the study was to develop a powerful and empowering guide (CBT) of elementary school teachers, to compare the ability of elementary school teachers. Management learning uses brain as a base. The experimental group with a control group the experimental group used in this research was a teacher at the grade level. 4-6 in province By randomization group (Cluster Sampling) 2 Education Service Area Office, District 15 schools, three people were 90 percent of the control group in this study is grade 4-6 teachers in the Samut Songkram Province has a total of 90 people selected by model. The instruments used in the trial include training courses Empowerment (CBT) of elementary school teachers. After training, the test results of 60 studies found that the development of training courses to increase the capacity of the elementary school teachers. The experts found that the overall effectiveness of the program at the highest level. Before and after the process of empowerment (CBT), t equals 58.01 posttest scores higher than the previous level of statistical significance .05, comparing the capabilities of elementary school teachers. The experimental group with the control group, the experimental group was 47.98 t test scores than the control group, the experimental group had a statistically significant level .05.

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