An Analysis of Music Courses Offered in the Primary School Teacher Education Programs in Turkey

  •  Ilhan OZGUL    


The aim of this study was to analyze music courses applied within the scope of compulsory courses in the primary school teacher training model in Turkey. Being qualitative in nature, the current study utilized document analysis method. Towards the stated aim, four approaches were discussed. The first one is related to the titles of the music courses stipulated in the primary school teachers training process and the credits/hours allocated for the music courses during the university schooling period in Turkey since 1974. The second one covers the preparation and general quality of the music course standards applied up to now. The third one is related to music course standards and appearance of these standards in the current teaching program, and the last one is related to the analysis of “music and “music teaching curriculum framework” in terms of the expected behavior stated in the music teaching programs. In program analysis, three approaches were applied: Designed program analysis, conducted program analysis, and actualized program analysis.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.