The Extension of Cultural Dominance in Iran with the Establishment of New Schools in Ghajar Period

  •  Mohammad Piri    


Since the beginning of 19th century, England for political reasons tried to make relations with Iran. Englishmen besides political tricks tried to establish their trace in Iran society by cultural permeation. European religious commissions who proceeded in different parts of the world since 19th century, though apparently had religious motivations, but they actually became grader of colonization. The aim of this text is to determine quality of establishing such schools and their function in extension of England s permeation which is performed with trend study and documentary methods and by using the content of itineraries, memories and other firsthand resources. This study showed: religious schools were a way of cultural permeation of England in Iran in Ghajar period. These schools not only by training Iranian teenagers in western method made them strange with their national culture and in some cases utilized graduates of these schools for their own objectives, but also, sometimes in competition with each other effected on creating social crisis.

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