The Developing on Awareness of Water Resources Management of Grade 6 Students in Namphong Sub-Basin

  •  Lumyai Seehamat    
  •  Unchalee Sanrattana    
  •  Angkana Tungkasamit    


Awareness of water resources management is expression behavior as receive, response, valuing, and organization. Water resources is an important for everyone in the world and the recently water resources are be risky as lack of water, waste water, and blooding. The development on awareness of water resources management for grade 6 students is very important to solve immediately. The objectives of this research were to 1) compare grade 6 students’ awareness and comprehension of water resources management after developing 2) compare grade 6 student’s awareness and comprehension of water resources management after developing between irrigated area and non- irrigated area. The research was quasi-experimental design. The samples of control group were 31 students and 61 students were experimental group. Research instruments were the curriculum for developing awareness of water resources management, water resources management comprehension test, and assessment form for awareness of water resources management. Data analyzed were used descriptive statics for mean, standard deviation, and independent t-test used for comparing mean scores of pretest and posttest. The research found that the pretest and posttest of students’ awareness of water resources management and comprehension were significantly different at .05 levels. The compare mean between students’ awareness and comprehension in irrigated zone and non-irrigated zone were not significantly different at .05 levels.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.