The Relationship between English Language Proficiency, Academic Achievement and Self-Esteem of Non-Native-English-Speaking Students

  •  Smitha Dev    
  •  Sura Qiqieh    


The present study aims to find out the relationship between English Language proficiency, self-esteem, and academic achievement of the students in Abu Dhabi University (ADU). The variables were analyzed using ‘t’ test, chi-squire and Pearson’s product moment correlation. In addition, Self-rating scale, Self-esteem inventory and Language proficiency tests were used to measure the variables. The data were collected from 200 male and female students from Abu Dhabi University. The study could not find out any positive relationship among the variables. It is also revealed that language fluency (IELTS) has no direct impact on the ADU students’ self-esteem scores and academic achievement (GPA).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.