Principle Elements of Curriculum in the Preschool Pattern of Montessori

  •  Azizollah Bahmaee    
  •  Zohreh Saadatmand    
  •  Mohammad Yarmohammadian    


Montessori the physician and educational philosopher was probably one of the most prominent and famous education theorizer in the field of preschool education. Current research attempts to extract and clarify the major elements of curriculum by reliance on Montessori viewpoints. In this paper first the philosophical basics of preschool education from viewpoint of Montessori is discussed and then the key concepts of education in this theory is analyzed and the descriptive-analytical method is used for this analysis. Finally the fundamental elements of preschool curriculum are examined from its viewpoint. Montessori has considered the main objective of preschool education as development and growth of independence and acquiring individual and social skills and she proposed self-teaching, self-assessment and self-improvement for achieving this goal.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.