Chinese Education and Learning Activities Outside of Class: What Lies Beyond Basic Education?

  •  Jinjin Lu    
  •  Han Jiang    


A considerable number of studies have investigated students’ learning in class and outside of class across subjects such as English, mathematics, and physical education in China and other countries. Scholars have found that students’ activities in class and outside of class are closely related to their learning outcomes, self-regulated learning and future development of transition strategies. However, the relationship between Chinese basic education and students’ choices of activities outside of class has rarely been addressed. Using mixed research methods, this paper examines the relationships between Chinese students’ basic education and their choices of English activities at university. The results showed that the participants’ basic education and senior high school rankings had significant influences on their choices of learning activities out of the class at university level. The paper also highlights occurrences beyond the classroom in the 21st century China.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.