The University Illustration Merged in Thailand

  •  Paithoon Puangyod    
  •  Chaiyuth Sirisuthi    
  •  Sumalee Sriphutharin    


This research aimed to reflect the merged university’s scenario: the case study of Nakhon-Phanom University in 4 aspects: administration, personnel management, technology management and missions. It was divided into 2 parts. The research results were as follows: Part 1: Nakhon-Phanom University’s education arrangement in light of the administration, personnel management, technology management and missions was explored. The education quality was found at a good level. Besides, its personnel viewed that the overall conditions and certain aspects of Nakhon-Phanom University were at an immediate intermediate level. Nonetheless, the mission, technology management, personnel management and administration were found according to the priority order. And Part 2: The pictures reflected by the experts for the development of Nakhon-Phanom University’s fifteen-year scenario were as follows: the administration–Nakhon-Phanom University was an autonomous university that adopted flat organization structure with the application of moral system in the recruitment of senior- and middle-level administrators; the personnel management–good, knowledgeable, ethical and smart persons were expected. Moreover, the networks with other countries were developed. The instructors were also supported to further Ph.D.; the technology management–the networks and connectivity with the ASEAN member countries were created along with the development of the e-learning-based materials and classrooms; and the missions–the graduates with the desired characteristics were produced in response to the needs of the society, country and ASEAN member countries.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.