An Integrated Model to Implement Contextual Learning with Virtual Learning Environment for Promoting Higher Order Thinking Skills in Malaysian Secondary Schools

  •  Latifah Raub    
  •  Nurbiha Shukor    
  •  Mohammad Arshad    
  •  Mohd Rosli    


One of the important features in developing science curriculum in Malaysia is the emphasis on the education system that allows students to master higher order thinking skills (HOTS). However, the current teaching practice tends to inhibit students’ HOTS by which students are given drills and tutorials to perform better in examination. The contextual learning is deem as a suitable approach to develop HOTS, as it enables students to build their knowledge in the context of their minds, then later makes use of linkages and applies it to their real life. Additionally, the advancement of technology offers opportunity for integrated contextual learning with Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to foster HOTS. This study aims at developing an integrated model to implement contextual learning with VLE for promoting HOTS in Malaysian schools. Using the constant comparison analysis for analyzing the literature, this study analyzed previous literatures to develop the integrated model. Findings show that limited research exists on the integration of contextual learning with VLE to promote HOTS, leaving some vacuum for further study and improvement and the need to formulate an integrated model.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.