Students’ Learning Assessment Practices Used by Jordanian Teachers of Mathematics for Grades (1-6)

  •  Eman Abed    
  •  Ferial Abu Awwad    


This study aims to investigate the students’ learning assessment practices used by Jordanian teachers of mathematics for grades (1-6) in Amman. The sample of the study consists of (402) teachers. A questionnaire of (72) items are developed on four domains, namely: questions, homework, exams, and alternative strategies. Validity and reliability are established. Results of the study show that the mean of the scores for the four domains and the entire items are medium, the highest was on exams and the lowest on the homework. ANOVA analysis show that there were no statistically significant differences related to number of courses and gender. On the other hand, there are statistically significant differences on the scientific qualification in favor of postgraduate studies. As for the type of school, the results are in favor of government schools. In regard to the number of experience years, the results are in favor of category (5-10) years on homework domain only.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.