Codification and Validation of Professional Development Questionnaire of Teachers

  •  Fatemah Ayyoobi    
  •  Hadi Pourshafei    
  •  Ali Asgari    


Teacher in the educational system and the teaching-learning process, as a main leading should need to knowledge and professional skills. Therefore, evaluation of professional development is important. This study aims to design and modify Construction and Validation of professional development questionnaire of teachers. This research based on methodology and data collection procedure was descriptive-surveyed. The population consists of 400 teachers from high in Birjand in the academic year 2013-2014. A sample of 246 was estimated by Krejcie and Morgan. The instrument used in this study is a researcher's questionnaire of teachers’ professional development. In order to assess the reliability and validity was used the content and construct validity by using of exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis and Cronbach’s alpha. Results show that the questionnaire has good reliability and validity. According to the results of a factor analysis of the eight factors (components) were identified for professional development of teachers that explains a total of 54/69% of total variance. It can be concluded that the questionnaire would be a suitable tool for the professional development of teachers.

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