Roots of Sin and Destruction of the Religious Education in the Shia Belief

  •  Mehri Sadeghiyan    


The religious Education is one of the key components of the present age detachment from which poses numerous problems for the society Islamic. One of the factors effective in the destruction of the religious Education is the roots of sin avoiding which can lead to the improvement of the religious Education of the members of the society. Thus, the present paper is aimed at familiarization with the most important roots of sin and its impacts on the destruction of the religious Education based on Islamic teachings In the Shia Belief. In order to achieve this goal, By means of a descriptive-analytical method, it has been attempted to look into the concept of sin and the religious Education and the most important roots of sin paving the way for the destruction of this lifestyle, so that according to them the members of society will be led towards a religious Education which will result in a society enriched and adorned by religious culture.

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