Study of the Entrepreneurship in Universities as Learning Organization Based on Senge Model

  •  Bahareh Azizi Nejad    
  •  Mir Mohammad Seiied Abbaszadeh    
  •  Mahmoud Djavani    
  •  Iraj Bernousi    


Learning organization and entrepreneurship are the most important issues that are focused on different themes in management. The purpose of present research was to study the relationship between learning organization elements and entrepreneurship among academic faculty members of the West Azarbaijan State Universities. The research method was descriptive-survey. Research instruments were two questionnaires. The first one, learning organization elements’ questionnaire, which was built by Park (2008), and the second survey questionnaire collected information on the entrepreneurship that was built by Kordnaiej et al. (2005). Both questionnaires validities were confirmed by Cronbach’s alpha. The research results indicated that there was a positive and significant relationship between personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, team learning, the systems thinking, and the entrepreneurship. Along with these findings, some key practical suggestions are proposed: Creating a learning atmosphere and a safe environment for creative scientific competition, considering the issues and their various applications in relationship with each other and systematically that causes a deep relationship between the university academic faculty members which leads to the entrepreneurship.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.