The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Basic Education Delivery in Ghana: Implications for Theory, Policy, and Practice

  •  Emmanuel Adu-Baffoe    
  •  Solomon Bonney    


Non-Governmental Organizations play an indispensable role in the development process in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is evident in the educational sector where most major donor organizations have increased the resources apportioned through NGOs to implement their educational programmes. However, it is sad to indicate that these interventions appear either not to have had significant impact on quality education or the contributions of the NGOs are misplaced in view of the abysmal performance of school children especially at the Basic Education Certificate Examinations in the Tamale Metropolis. The purpose of this current research is to find out the contribution of Non-Governmental Organizations activities in basic education delivery, spotlighting on Action Aid Ghana in Tamale Metropolis. This mixed method study is guided by Oregon’s Quality Education Model. Using a collective case study design, a sample size of 114 respondents comprising actors selected through purposive sampling technique engaged in basic education delivery was used for the study. The data gathered in the form of questionnaires were analyzed quantitatively using descriptive statistics while the interviews conducted were analyzed qualitatively through content analysis in codes, themes, and sub themes with the NVivo10 software. The result showed infrastructure development, provision of teaching and learning materials, capacity development of teachers, provide learning needs to students and school community sensitization as Action Aid support activities to basic education delivery in Tamale Metropolis. These activities have contributed to improved quality teaching and learning, enhanced the availability of teaching and learning materials. However, the support activities were inadequate to improve students’ performances in Basic Education Certificate Examination. In view of the findings, it was recommended that; Action Aid Ghana should set up a supervision and monitoring center in collaboration with the Education Directorate to ensure effective supervision of teaching and learning.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.