The Usage of “Quizizz”™ App by Sport Sciences Students in the Bachelor’s Degree Anatomy Lecture and Its Effects on Attitude and Course Success

  •  Hikmet Gümüş    
  •  Celal Gençoğlu    


Purpose: The aim of this study is to examine the effects of technologically assisted learning for anatomy courses in sport science collegiate. Methods: One hundred forty-four first-year students from sport sciences faculty attended a required anatomy course in the syllabus. The participants of this class were composed of two learning groups as Classical Learning Group (n=48), and New Approach Group (n=96) based on the lecture style. Classical anatomy course carried out with instruction-based method via PowerPoint lecture on the anatomy course materials such as textbooks, models, and printed visualizations of anatomical sites whereas “Quizizz”™ app-based one performed interactively within a technology-assisted way. The end of the semester, participants answered a reliable and valid survey named Anatomy Lectures Attitude Questionnaire (ALAQ). Results: There was a significant difference in the mid-term and course success when compared Classical Learning (CL) and New Approach (NA). However, no significant differences observed final examination, ALAQ results, and sub-factors’. There was a very low correlation between mid-term, final, course success and ALAQ results in NA group. However, no significantly correlation found between mid-term, final, course success and ALAQ results in CL group. Conclusion: The findings reported here suggest that “Quizizz”™ app can enable improving learning outcomes and contribute to test scores for human anatomy in sport sciences collegiate. We do not conceive the substitute traditional learning method within the educational applications for anatomy courses, but it could be regarded as a supplement method of teaching in higher education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.