Impacts of Direct Metacognitive Instructions on Self-Actualization

  •  Fariba Dezhbankhan    
  •  Diana Lea Baranovich    
  •  Nabeel Abedalaziz    


Education has a crucial role in improving opportunities for lifelong learning and helping students to move towards their self-actualizing goals. Applying metacognitive interventions facilitate conceptualization and operationalization of such holistic approach of education. This study investigated the impacts of twelve hours metacognitive intervention, ‘Direct Metacognitive Instructions’ (DMI) on self-actualization process among 31 students using quasi-experimental (pre-test-post-test) design. The large effect size (Partial η2 = .818, 95% confidence intervals) implied that DMI has a statistically significant impact in fostering student’s self-actualization. This study has implications for designing and implementing multidimensional metacognitive interventions targeting self-actualization and evaluating cognitive, behavioral and affective effects of such interventions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.