Lecturer Formative Feedback Preferences: The Influence of Disciplines

  •  Chan Chang-Tik    


This study attempts to determine the choice of the feedback model related to discipline categorised as hard-applied, soft-applied, hard-pure and soft-pure. It also attempts to explore the extent in which the lecturers practise socio-constructivist feedback. It was a non-experimental study conducted in an offshore campus in Malaysia of an established Australian university. The data were collected by six research assistants through semi-structured interviews involving 31 lecturers from all the seven Schools in the university. The data were transcribed and analysed using the framework method as a form of thematic analysis. Since it was a deductive study, academic disciplines were used as pre-selected themes and in each feedback category, there were pre-defined codes. The results reveal that there is no serious evidence to link discipline to the choice of feedback model. In addition, lecturers do practise socio-constructivist feedback as well as other variants of feedback.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.