Preparation of University Students to Be Role Models in General Biology Laboratory

  •  A. Almuhammadi    
  •  A. Khallaf    
  •  D. Abuljadayel    
  •  D. Alsudairi    
  •  H. Ashqar    
  •  H. Alharbi    
  •  I. Alhazmi    
  •  N. Zelai    
  •  N. Hakami    
  •  R. Alhindi    


Teaching has become a challenge mission among generations as direct instructions are not effective anymore and; therefore, students need to be convinced for sharing and fulfilling their responsibilities. In this study, students are perceived to act as role models in managing the laboratory classes of general biology. Four groups were classified as co-lecturers, co-technicians, safety group, and green team. This experiment was evaluated by both students and staff team. The results showed that the most effective group was the co-lecturer as it showed high level of cooperation, work with love, truth, motivate others, and team management. The advantages of this experiment were more likeable as compared to the disadvantages; although, participants suggest that more information is needed to improve the group work.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.