Student Profiles and Academic Achievement in Mexican Middle Schools

  •  Coral González-Barbera    
  •  Alicia A. Chaparro    
  •  Joaquín Caso-Niebla    


The aim of the study was to describe student profiles associated with educational achievement from four sets of personal variables: psychological, academic, health, and technology use. A representative sample of middle school students from Baja California, Mexico, was given an ad hoc questionnaire and academic results were obtained from a standardized academic achievement test. Cluster analysis k-means allowed us to define two student profiles. Equal numbers of students were found in both groups, with Cluster 1 grouping high-achieving students and Cluster 2 those with a lower level of educational achievement. All of the personal variables help to describe and differentiate between the two groups, except for the number of times they have changed schools.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.