The Impact of the E-book on Levels of Bloom's Pyramid at ECT Students in Light of the Internal and External Motivation to Learn Mathematics and Statistics

  •  Feras Shatat    
  •  Osamah Aldalalah    
  •  Ziad Waleed Ababneh    


The purpose of the present study was to examine the effects of E-book of the Pyramid Bloom levels on the Emirates College of Technology (ECT) students at both internal and external motivation levels. The business statistics unit developed in two different methods. This study utilized the quasi experimental type methodology. The independent variables were the methods, traditional and E-book. The dependent variables were the Pyramid Bloom levels, which will be determined by the final mark on the post-test. The moderator variables are motivation levels, internal and external. The study sample consisted of 61 undergraduate ECT students, and were randomly selected, via simple random sample, from 127 students. ANOVA procedure was used to determine the significant differences of the pretest scores among the two methods. An analysis of covariance, ANCOVA, was carried out to examine the main effects of the independent variables on the dependent variables. The findings of this study showed that students who have learned through the E-book method achieve design efficiently better in their post-test scores than those in the traditional method. Students at the internal motivation level perform design efficiently better in their post-test scores than those at external motivation level. The E-book method proved to help students with external motivation in their post-test score motivation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.