On the Countermeasures of Panjin Coastal Wetland Protection in Liaoning Province --- Reflections on Five-point-in-a-line Construction Project

  •  Lianjie Wang    
  •  Jinwei Li    


The five-point-in-a-line strategy is actually an important component of development strategy of the coastal economic zone in Liaoning Province or even in the whole northeast China. The early five-point-in-one-line strategy only involved five key development areas in five coastal cities of Liaoning province. Since the beginning of June in the year of 2006, the strategy, instead of the original five-point-in-one-line layout, has been expanded to all the coastal cities of Liaoning Province, namely, Dalian City (Changxing Island Harbor Industrial Zone, Huayuankou Industrial Park), Yingkou (Liaoning Coastal Industrial Base), Dandong (Dandong Industrial Park), Jinzhou city of the western Liaoning Gulf Economic Area (Xihai Industrial Zone), and Huludao city (Beigang Industrial Zone and Xingcheng Industrial Park), Panjin City (Ship Building and Repairing Industry Park). In this way, all coastal cities in Liaoning have been included in Liaoning coastal economic zone development strategies.

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