Empirical Study on Consuming Psychology and Consuming Behavior of Contemporary University Students: Taking Shandong Province as an Example

  •  Shuang Li    


As a sort of knowledge, emotion and disposition in the social living conditions, consuming psychology and behavior is not only a wind vane for social development to a certain extent, but also a barometer of the spirit of the time. Therefore, study on consuming psychology and the consuming behavior it affects becomes a significant and unique perspective to analyze state of development of the society and orientation of behaviors of its social members. University students are the vanguard of the mass culture and consumption, so study and analysis in their consuming psychology and behavior is helpful to come to know the consumer trends of contemporary young people, and even the whole society. In this article, the author adopts the research method with combination of questionnaire survey and interview, and conducts a sample survey on university students in several colleges and universities in Shandong Province. The survey indicates the following characteristics of consumption among university students: prominent trend of consumption diversification, obvious disequilibrium of consumption, co-existence of consumption individuation and belongingness, practical consumption being the main stream, increasing consumption of intercourse and entertainment. Enlightenment and recommendations: To cultivate and strengthen the Financial Quotient of university students, to establish scientific consumption value and to advocate green consumption.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.