The Conceptive System of Keeping away Project Crisis

  •  Peiyong Hou    
  •  Ping Luo    
  •  Yukan Hou    


In this paper, we regard the pattern of keeping away project crisis as research object. We carry through the system considers to project crisis in order to set up a condign emergency disposal pattern of taking precautions against crisis. We have analyzed the commonness and individuality between the public crisis and enterprise crisis totally. Societal operation and development had been under threat from these emergency crises seriously. It is urgent need for society development to constitute social crisis management system currently. The tradition theories and methods exists shortages that are in response to these emergency crisis. We could explore the inside regulation of the crisis activity, while is based on the scientific Views of development. Social crisis and public crisis could decompose to take advantage of the method of the project unit. This is a new availability crisis management mode to take from these emergency crises. We eluded the human psychology and behavior factors out of the analysis framework. We should understand what could do to manage in these emergency crises. The reliability theory will made as the platform of integrating risk management activities. We will improve the technique about the game in crisis management. The commonly rules are discussed in project crisis of our country. Moreover, a new crisis management system is proposed from conceptive views that precaution system can solve possible crisis in crisis process.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.