A Corpus-based Study of Errors in Chinese English Majors’ English Writing

  •  Jie Sun    
  •  Li Shang    


On the basis of the corpus of English Majors’ Composition of Ludong University (EMC corpus), this thesis analyzes the errors in Chinese English Majors’ English writing and the reasons resulting in the errors. The research reveals that in the EMC corpus the proportion of “grammatical errors” ranks the highest, followed by “wrong usage”, “syntactic errors” and “errors of discourse constructions and content”; with the increasing time of learning, learners’ language proficiency has improved and is reflected by their error rate which has been decreasing year by year. Concerning the errors in English writing, this thesis proposes some corresponding strategies to reduce errors and improve the teaching of English writing.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.