Innovational Analysis in the Knowledge-based Economy in Northwest Minority Region ---- Demand & Supply Analysis of Innovation

  •  Haiying Ma    
  •  Shan Liqin    


With the contest of globalization and knowledge economy, the knowledge and innovation function become more and more important and obvious. The regional innovation capability is becoming a decisive factor in the local areas’ economic growth. Northwest minority region, as an underdeveloped area in China, the innovation capability research has been aroused by the government and academe. My aim is to highlight the impact of regional innovation on Northwest region, especially on the minorities. Based on the framework of innovational demand and supply heuristic analysis through the contrast between these areas and developed areas with regard to regional policy and regulations this paper discuss the reasons of backwardness of technological innovation in the northwest minorities region. Finally, the paper presents the results of my research and conclusion to authorities to tackle regional development problems.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.