The Existence and the Effect of Sex Tourism Habitus in Bandungan, Central Java, Indonesia

  •  Argyo Demartoto    


This research is a qualitative research with case study approach aimed to find out the existence and the effect of sex tourism habitus in Bandungan, Central Java, Indonesia.The data source used in this research was primary data obtained directly from commercial sexual workers, coordinator of commercial sexual workers (procurer or pimp); inn guest escort (mediator) consisting of hotel employees, tukang ojek, tukang sate; as well as apparatus, people surrounding and Local Government. The secondary data used to support the primary data was previous studies relevant to sex tourism, news in printed media, and documentation taken during the research. Techniques of collecting data were in-depth interview, direct observation and documentation. The data analysis was an interactive model of analysis. The prostitutes in Bandungan were called tukang sate (sate seller). Generally they come from outside local areas such as Kendal, Rembang, Semarang, Surakarta, Wonosobo, and so on. Some of them operate openly but some other disguisedly as karaoke guides, beauty salon employees, and massage center employees. They did not hawk themselves directly, but through agent (mediator) connecting them to the tourists. The mediators were hotel employees, tukang ojek and tukang sate. Most sexual tourists came from out of Bandungan. All of them serve as the agent in sex tourism habitus in Bandungan. The large number of hotels, inns, lodgings, and entertainment centers such as karaoke automatically opened the job opportunity for the surrounding people so that they accept their existence. The prostitutes paid sufficiently attention to health problem by routinely having their health examined. When some of them developed Sexual Infectious Disease, they would be referred to Ambarawa Local General Hospital and prohibited from catering the guest except they had been cured.

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