Feasibility Study on the “Six in One” Teaching Mode in Line Dance

  •  Feifei Li    


Line dance is one of the most important parts of physical education, which has been widely and deeply promoted in physical education. To sum up, the traditional teaching mode of line dance basically focuses on the three aspects of "teaching, learning and doing", that is, for the teaching content, the teacher teaches and the students follow the teacher to learn and do. Most of the students just master the set of movements taught by the teacher, can not create their own dance moves or even participate in the competition. Therefore, this paper analyzes the shortcomings of traditional line dance teaching, reforms the teaching content and teaching mode, and probes into the teaching mode integrating "teaching, learning, doing, practicing, researching and competing", so as to provide some reference for the teaching reform of line dance course in colleges and universities in China.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.