Profile of Women Dairy Farmers in Two Villages of Mymensingh District

  •  Sarah Yasmin    
  •  Yukio Ikemoto    


Dairy farming assumes most important role in providing income generating opportunities particularly for rural women in Bangladesh. To access the socio-economic status of dairy farmers, this study was carried out in selected areas of Mymensingh district. Total sample size was 50 and sample data were obtained from V1 (modern dairy farming), V1 (traditional dairy farming) and V2 (traditional dairy farming) through direct interviews using questionnaires. Simple statistical methods such as frequency, percentage and mean were used to analyze the sample data. V1 (M) women use modern technology of dairy farming and V2 (T) is traditional village. Financial conditions of selected farmers were investigated in study areas. It was found that households in V1 (M) had more household income and well status than others and that V1 (M) woman were more educated and older with longer experience in dairy farming. Relatively wealthy households and educated/experienced women tend to adopt modern dairy farming.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.