Examining Varied Conceptions of Learning Among Mixed Ability Students: An Empirical Investigation in Public Schools

  •  Kiran Shehzadi    
  •  Um-e Farwa    
  •  Sadia Shaukat    


The study intended to examine the learning conceptions among average, below average and above average students from ten public schools in Lahore. The total sample (n=300) participating in the study comprised of 135 boys and 165 girls. In order to explore secondary school students’ conceptions of learning, data were collected using the ‘Conceptions of Learning Inventory’ developed by Purdie and Hattie (2002). Results indicated that the high achieving students tend to hold more conceptions of learning in terms of gaining, using and understanding information and personal change. High achieving male students held significantly more conceptions of learning as compared to female counterparts. This study presents implications for policy makers and education authorities to reform the school education system by introducing effective ways of learning to students according to their academic needs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.