Coronavirus and the Ideological, Moral and Metaphysical Challenges to Capitalism, Individual Freedom and Money

  •  Munir A. Abbasi    
  •  Azlan Amran    
  •  Ibrahim Noorani    
  •  Khurram Shakir    
  •  Noor e Sahar    
  •  Nazia Abul Rehman    


Coronavirus Pandemic has taken the world by storm. Just as it has posited a severe threat to human lives, so has it leveled grave concerns to the mode of life cultured by the world's industrialized societies. Through argumentative analysis, the present study attempts to substantiate that at-least three imminent philosophical crises have arisen in the wake of COVID-19 i.e., ideological, moral, and metaphysical. On the one side, Capitalism and the Free Market have essentially been left defenseless, and individual freedom has substantially been threatened. On the other side, family and social capital have been inflexed with a breath of fresh air.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.