Assessing the Relationship Between Destination Image and Tourists’ Loyalty Towards the Amusement Parks of Bangladesh: The Mediating Role of Tourists’ Satisfaction and Moderating Role of Past Experience

  •  Tauhid Ahmed Bappy    


The amusement park industry embodies one of the indispensable parts of the hospitality and tourism industry progressing in accordance with the shifting preferences and trends in travel and tourism demand. The main purpose of this study is to assess the relationship between destination image and tourists’ loyalty towards the amusement parks of Bangladesh. This is a descriptive study in which the author used judgmental sampling technique to gather quantitative data from 300 visitors of four amusement parks in Bangladesh namely Fanstasy Kingdom, Nandan Park, Vinnya Jagat, and Dreamland amusement park. The researcher used structural equation modeling to analyze the data. The findings suggest that destination image positively and significantly influences tourists’ satisfaction. Furthermore, tourists’ satisfaction, subsequently, results in visitors’ loyalty towards amusement parks. However, the relationship between amusement park image and tourists’ loyalty is mediated by tourists’ satisfaction. Furthermore, it was found that past visit experience at the amusement parks does not moderate the relationship between destination image and tourists’ satisfaction. The researcher believes that the findings and recommendations presented in this study will significantly encourage the amusement park marketers of Bangladesh to enhance their destination image to improve the satisfaction and loyalty levels of the visitors.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.