A Review of the Study on Father Involvement in Child Rearing

  •  Xiaohong Liu    


A large number of studies have proved that fathers have irreplaceable important value to the growth of young children. While in reality, there is a large number of "father missing" phenomenon in China. Previous studies have focused on the influence of father involvement on children development and the influence factors of father involvement in child rearing. Fathers’ participation has various degrees of influence on children’s development of personality, social ability, cognition, intelligence and academic achievement, gender roles, morality and emotion, as well as physical development. Family, society, fathers’ characters and children’s personalities all affect fathers’ participation in child rearing to some extent. There are the following deficiencies in the studies of father involvement: first, the number of research on fathers’ participation is very insufficient; second, the research scope of father involvement is narrow and interdisciplinary research is insufficient; third, the research depth needs to be improved urgently; Fourth, the research paradigm is mainly speculative and quantitative, and the qualitative research needs to be strengthened.

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