A Tiny Comment to Utilizing Religious Sources to Create Environment Friendly Citizens

  •  Yunus Yildiz    


The world's assets are lessening and nature is in retreat. In less than a century, human populace and its needs for space, materials, merchandise, and conveniences have enlarged more than four times. Some of the environment spoiling problems are to remember: the over-cut of woods, depleting of wetlands, spread of horticultural advancement and high rates of pesticide and compost use, the spread of wild nuisances, unplanned clearing of forest for household stock, urbanization of foreshores, and the contamination of streams and estuaries. All these natural harms are caused because of thoughtless human works. Knowing these, issues about environmental cleaning, protecting the environment, to prevent damage to the ecological balance and such issues have been being mentioned and emphasized too often in media outlets in the last two decades. In order to implement these highlighted issues in society, foundations and associations are formed. These organizations foster to set up various activities to intensify people’s attention to the subject and create environmental awareness among public. Herewith, so many dynamics can be utilized to motivate people to be well and responsible in life. Among the dynamics, one of the most important factors that motivates people at ease is religion. Benefiting from religious motivation or sources while changing people's habits or perceptions can be a good solution in shaping conscious citizens. Moreover, to make people more sensitive about these issues and more addicted to their responsibilities, religions’ effect is inevitable. In this article, the researcher points out that with the aid of diversity and complexity of religious sources, better environment friendly citizens may appear in the society.

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